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Chinese Botanical Craft Gin

Crimson Pangolin is an international awarded gin, proudly distilled in bottled in the ancient Chinese city of Changsha, a region of the Middle Kingdom so deeply steeped in history, there sit tombs dating back to the bygone days of the Zhou dynasty. All our ingredients are 100% from Asia and distilled in copper stills by our Master distiller Mark Lloyd.

Why Pangolin?

Despite being protected by national and international laws, the pangolin is still the most trafficked animal on the planet. In the last ten years, it is estimated that over one million pangolins have been poached from the wild and illegally traded on the black market. Crimson Pangolin works with international pangolin conservation charities in order to prevent this trade from taking place, and educating the public on this magnificent creature.

A taste of the East

All our gins are distilled or infused with Chinese botanicals.

Our Gins

Crimson Pangolin Jungle Edition

Lovingly distilled with botanicals sourced from Southern China, the Crimson Pangolin Jungle Edition is a smooth, citrusy take on traditional gin. Makes wonderful classics.

Crimson Pangolin Peach Rose Edition

Distilled and infused with rose tea, dried hibiscus, dried apple and peach, this floral spirit makes for a fantastically flavorful tipple. For the best gin & tonic, service with a slice of grapefruit or a sprig or rosemary.

Crimson Pangolin Black Goji Edition

Distilled and infused with black goji berries from Qinghai province in Western China, this gin changes from a purple hue to a deep magenta when citrus is added. Packs a jasmine and citrus punch.

Crimson Pangolin Oak Barrel Edition

Our original craft gin aged in French oak giving the spirit a round, woody aroma and taste. Best served in a gin and tonic with a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick.

Our Events

Bartender Open 2022

This year we held our Bartender Open at Shanghai’s glamorous Hakkassan bar. Crimson Pangolin is passionate about celebrating the top bartending talent China has to offer, and our annual Bartender Open offers a platform for young mixologists to showcase their skills and flair.