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Jungle Boogie

By Ross from Life on Mars, Shenzhen 60ml Crimson Pangolin Jungle Edition Coconut Oil Washed10ml Kaffir Lime Leaf Vodka15ml Palo Cortado Sherry1 Barspoon Syrup5 Drops Salt Water

Eastern Herbal Tea

By Nick from Union Trading Company, Shanghai 45ml Crimson Pangolin Oak Barrel20ml Black Tea Cinnamon Cordial15ml Ginger Syrup30ml Lemon JuiceTop with Soda Water

Shanghai Spring

By Curly at Zuk Bar, Shanghai 45ml Crimson Pangolin Jungle Edition35ml Mint Green Tea Syrup45ml Pineapple Juice15ml Lemon JuiceGarnish with pineapple ball and mint leaves


By Chris Sun from Woobar, Shanghai 45ml Crimson Pangolin Peach Rose Edition15ml Full Cream30ml Peach blossom tea30ml Peach Blossom Syrup10ml Lemon JuiceMint Powder Garnish

Forest Tales

45ml Crimson Pangolin Oak Barrel Edition15ml Lemon Juice30ml Espresso10ml Grapefruit Syrup2 drops Grapefruit Bitters30ml Tonic Water