Office 108
505 Zhaohua Road
Changning District

Our Story

Crimson Pangolin was founded at the end of 2017, by China expats, Helena Kidacka and David Munoz. With a passion for spirits, and a particular love for gin, they set out to create a spirit inspired by the abundance of herbs, botanicals and spices that The Middle Kingdom has to offer.
After traveling the breadth of the country in search for the ideal location to produce the spirit, they settled on the historic city of Changsha, in southern China’s Hunan province. With its clean waters, and abundance of spices and exciting botanicals, Changsha seemed the perfect place to distill the first batch of Crimson Pangolin.
Many editions later, Changsha is still our home, and we continue to search China far and wide for the most unique and interesting ingredients.

Our mission

At Crimson Pangolin, we are passionate about wildlife. We take pride in throwing cocktail events to raise funds and awareness for a handful of South East Asia’s most forward thinking wildlife NGOs. We are particular invested in the plight of the pangolin, the creature with which we share a moniker. As one of the most trafficked animals in the world, we strive to help raise funds for NGOs who are looking to stamp out poaching of this magnificent scaly creature.


Our vision

Selecting Asian botanicals and introducing them to your glass.


100% Asian Ingredients.
100% Experimental.
100% Unique